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Noche Buena packs raised for our race to give to 24,337 families this Christmas!

15 Years of Christmas Cheer

Since 2006, World Vision has helped children celebrate Christmas with their families and communities. This is possible because of generous sponsors and donors.

This year, we want to continue this gift-giving tradition to share hope and bring joy to our beneficiaries. Vulnerable communities are still struggling with the secondary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Christmas is an opportunity for them to experience something uplifting.


This year counts more than ever

Having a simple Noche Buena this 2021 is a dim possibility for many Filipino Families. The Pandemic has caused unemployment for millions. Many families are facing heavy financial burdens that result in less food spending, and more hunger.


People were added to the already 2.3 million unemployed from 2019


Reduction in average weekly food expenses


Filipino families experienced involuntary hunger since March 2020

This year has been difficult for many children and families. You can be the reason one family finds hope this Christmas season.


A one-time donation of at least Php 1,000 will provide two families with a special meal on Christmas eve.

This small gift will allow them to experience God’s love in very tangible ways, during a season that signifies hope.

Give a Noche Buena Today

Help make a child’s Christmas extra special this year


You can be the reason one family finds hope this Christmas season.

At the end of a difficult year, many children and their families can find hope in your simple kindness.

Spread the word and help provide one of 24,337 Noche Buena packs to World Vision-sponsored children this 2021.

Experience the joy of sharing your blessings by providing for a child’s special meal this December 24.

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